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The food you feed you dog is very important to their health.  I feel that most of the foods on the market are not in the best interests of your dog.  I do a lot of research before choosing a food.

For all my Lothlorien dog owners.

There appears to be some rather serious health issues going on with many of the foods out there that are loaded with legumes. Many dogs are developing Dilated Cardiomyopathy as a result of low taurine levels. This has sadly caused the death of a couple of dogs and many others are under treatment.

The food I was previously feeding (you all know what it was.  I had the name listed here but the company sent me an emailed "cease & desist" letter telling me I had to remove their name. Not showing any interest in the current issue for our dogs just their bottom line) has added 6-7 legumes to their formula. I had all my dogs taurine levels tested and have changed foods.

This issue is not limited to any one food but to many of the current foods out there that have peas and other legumes added. Research has now started at UC Davis by Dr Joshua Stern to try to determine what the causative issue may be, is it the protein from the legumes, the fiber from them, their presence blocking some absorption ability? At present we just do not know & we have to wait for the research to give us some answers.

Please look closely at the ingredients on the foods you are feeding.  I strongly suggest that, if you are feeding any food with legumes in it that you get your dogs taurine levels tested immediately.  Please read Dr Stern's letter here.  All blood draws should be sent to UC Davis. Please follow this link. Please test your dogs taurine levels before making any food changes to get an accurate reading.  Use whole blood samples only as per Dr Sterns letter.

If your dog comes back with low taurine levels you MUST immediately make an appointment with a veterinary cardiologist to make sure they are not suffering from Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Please note there are no symptoms until late in the disease. If they are suffering from DCM, it usually responds very well to proper taurine supplementation.  Please follow your cardiologists orders in those cases.

Remember, anytime you are changing foods to do so gradually, mix the old food with the new food slowly decreasing then old food while increasing the new one.  Do so over about a 1 week interval.

The food that I have selected to change over to is Farmina Ancestral Grain Chicken & Pomegranate.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I do not recommend you use any foods that have peas and other legumes added until the current research gives us more information as to what is going on. This is a very concerning issue for us all.

If you have ANY questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

We keep a limited supply of food on hand. Please call if you need food.  We are always happy to bring food in for you.
contact us for more information.
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