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          Breeze will be bred this spring

Visit our Puppy Page for more information & availability.
Contact us now to get on the waiting list for upcoming litters.

Please visit our Dog Food page for information on a very concerning issue related to the legumes in many of the food on the market.  This is a severe situation.  If you are feeding a food with legumes (peas, etc) you need to have your dogs taurine levels tested right away. Pease read more on the Dog Food page.

We are now carrying several natural foods for your dogs. You can purchase them directly at our kennel or contact us for shipping information. Please visit the new "Dog Food" page for more information.

Luke, owned by Marsha Wilcox, has now earned the following titles!


He is also working towards his SH & TDX.

Way to go Marsha!

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Many of our clients ask about Cancer in dogs. We now have some information that we pass on to all new puppy buyers available on the web site. This information tells you what we do for all Lothlorien Goldens to help prevent this disease.

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